Cultures and multimedia authoring and web design study plan.

This project will run alongside an art consultation project that I have been commissioned to complete by Enfield Council and Haring Woods Associates.
I will design, set up and manage a website that will inform and document the consultation process between November 2008 and February 2009.

The design concept
The website will look like a sketchbook, and will be navigated with the pencil icon. Each page will have different areas, which will navigate to other pages and on to polls and blogs, authored on with films and short edits authored on
I will also be running a blog and polls on the word press, to document the working process, get responses and collect data relevant to the research as the project proceeds.

The brief
I have been commissioned by Enfield Council and Haring Woods Associates to produce a 20 minute film that accurately represents the views of the general public who live, work and play along the Hertford Road at the ‘gateway’ to Enfield. I will be aiming to reveal their feelings and thoughts about Enfield’s strategy of creating a ‘cleaner, greener Enfield’. The greening of the Hertford Road will include the opening up of Painters Lane Pocket Park and improvements to Holmesdale Tunnel Gateway. These two sites are linked by their proximity and their strategic importance in defining this area of Enfield.

The learning curve
1.    I am going to use a template programme called Mr.Site as my main authoring tool, giving me a domain name and web space. Within the template I am hoping to use an Ftp programme to bring in some of my own designs into the website.
2.    The Programmes that I will be learning and honing my skills on are
•    Adobe Photoshop
•    Adobe Illustrator
•    Adobe After Effects.
•    Adobe Flash
•    Final Cut Pro
•    Google Sketchup
•    Google Earth
•    FTP programme
3.    All off the above programmes will be utilized in the making of this website. I will approach other students on my course to offer skills exchanges, to learn programmes that I am unfamiliar with and to pass on skills that I have in Photoshop, Final Cut Pro and illustrator.
4.    Any programmes that I cannot manage to get help with I will use reference books and possibly attend short courses in London.

I will produce a brief, a budget, a plan, and a schedule. This will enable me to offer this service in future as an add-on to other arts projects I run. I am very interested in the process of web design and the use of websites for research purposes.  At the end of the project I will conduct an evaluation to discover whether the website enhanced and added value to the overall project.

MA PPT Presentation


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