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The Big Lottery People’s Project 3 minute film…

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What PramDepot has achieved so far with support from the Big Lottery and what we would like to Achieve sin the future….


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people having their say

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Their are only two days left for you to come and have your say……. so far over 150 have come to the growingroom and have all had great things to say. It has been very interesting talking to so many different people, all with different veiws and ideas.

Holmesdale tunnel

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Most people that I have spoken to have said that they think the wall at holmesdale tunnel should come down. So that people can see that there is a green space behind it. Everyone thinks there should be railings or a fence there so that kids don’t run into the road and people can see everything.

Lee Valley High Students cme and have their say

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lvh-1Spent the after with a great group of students from Lee Valley High School. Six students spent the afternoon interviewing each other and doing some creative film work in the Painters Lane Green Space. A couple of A level photography students are going to be doing a portrait project with the Map Hats at school and bring them to he growingroom next week along with some quotes from he students for my research.


Filming Andy (The Tree man)

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Spent the morning at the Cartehatch Depot filming Andy (the tree man), Through the consultation at the ‘Growingroom on Painters Lane I have realised that the public have very little understanding of why old trees are replaced with young trees and the reasons for doing it, so I thought it would be a good idea to get some answers for the film. Andy has worked as a tree specialist in Enfield for over 30 years and has an enormous knowledge of trees and problems associated with planting in an urban area. All trees that are removed are either coming to the end of their life, diseased, storm damaged, effecting services and infer structure, a danger to traffic or the general public. No trees are removed for know reason, Andy is a self confessed tree hugger and would not distroy a healthy tree.


More facts about tree planting in Enfield will be edited into the final film.

Plotting on google earth, the people that have taken part in the consultation so far

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Spent time this weekend going through all the consent forms and plotting all the participants post codes into google earth so that we can make sure that people have taken part in this research are from different parts of the borough. As you can see the map reveals that we have managed to reach people from many different areas.

Visualising Painter Lane

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Spent the afternoon working with one of the local residence on visualising the the entrance to Painters Lane

Schools involved in Project

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Lee Valley High School is now on board with the project and will be coming to the growing room next week. We will be making Map hats and they will be doing a project in the school with them.

Map Hats

Map Hats

Asking students to wear the hat and have their portrait taken while being asked to give a quote about what they do in their local park and what improvements they would like to see.

Started Editing

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Started editing again today, the structure of the film is in my head but not on paper yet. Spent the day building a scene about allotments. Couldn’t get anyone at the allotments to take part in filming but I did chat with a few people and they said I should come down on the last Sunday in Jan and they will bring a few people who would want to talk on film.

Allotments on the Hertford Road

Allotments on the Hertford Road

Alot of the people interviewed in the growingroom have spoken about the ned for allotments in an area like Enfield need allotments because thet dont have access to a garden.