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Ordinary/Extraordinary – Insideout Project

Posted in Filming, Insideout Project, Photography on November 2, 2012 by karenloiswhiteread

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Growingroom going well

Posted in Filming on January 2, 2009 by karenloiswhiteread

growing-room-set-upHaving a great time in the growingroom, the locals are all coming in and having their say. I have also been filming in local businesses and have had a reat responce. On the 23rd December i spent the day at Altered Image Hairdressers and Tartz the women’s designer cloths shop both in Walthem Cross and videoed about 11 people.

Posted in Filming on December 23, 2008 by karenloiswhiteread

Had a great day filming at the Hairdressers “Altered Image’ and the Designer Cloths Shop ‘Tartz’ in Walthem Cross. They all had alot to y and made some very interesting points as well as some very creative ideas.


Posted in Filming on December 5, 2008 by karenloiswhiteread
Growingroom in place

Growingroom in place

At last the cabin in in the park and we can start filming as from next week. Anyone who would like to have their say about “The Greening of Enfield” can come along and be interviewed.