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Very traumatic week

Posted in Working towards an MA on September 25, 2009 by karenloiswhiteread

I love Skype….. my oldest daughter moved to Mexico for a year yesterday and I spoke with her today on Skype. She showed me round her hostel and chatted for an hour…… I love Skype! When my kids were little I thought that was the difficult times, not sleeping through the night, hours spent in casualty with temperatures and ear infections, starting school, going to the dentist, not getting n invite to the party, staying out for the night, falling out with friends and picking up the pieces. But flying the nest is the hardest. So scared and so proud……


I’ve become a great aunt… baby girl 7lbs 3 oz Monday 21st Sept.  She is beautiful.


Finished the bibliography today what a chore.I just have a bit more reading to do before I can finish the synopsis. feeling confident (I think)

Great Aunt Karen

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Patricia Mackinnon-Day

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Organised a Skype interview with Patricia Mackinnon-Day about her Cammell Laird Residency in 2000. I will be sending her an outline of the questions then record the interview.

Reading, reading, reading.

Posted in Working towards an MA on September 9, 2009 by karenloiswhiteread

Finding it hard to create the time to get all the reading done. Have a stack of 20 books that I am dipping in and out of but not really finding the info i am looking for. I now have several books on art and social change which explore work from the 60’s onwards but nothing relating to working practices of todays digital artists. Getting frustrated by the language, running out of batteries for my electronic thesaurus. Please can someone tell me what a synopsis is?

Working on an idea for my open studio

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Long was at Tate B Not Tate M

Posted in Working towards an MA on September 2, 2009 by karenloiswhiteread

Went all the way to Tate Modern to try and catch the Richard Long Exhibition only to find that it is at Tate Britain, so spent an hour in the bookshop instead. Got a great book about Documentary Film Making and haven’t been able to put it down since. I have come to the conclusion that I love practical books and hate theory books (sorry Dan) we are all different and that what matters. Maybe I should be writing an essay on Documentary making instead of  how funding effects the way in which artists work. Still struggling through the art theory books, very slowly.