One and Other

After Seizure I got on a bus to Trafalgar square to see the “Oneandother” project on the 4th plinth. I had a look at it on line and was not impressed, couldn’t really get excited by a man waving a Union Jack and shouting down a mobile phone to his mates. Being there in real life was even more dissapointing, the random selection of people could be something to do with the disappointment. It was a warm summer day and there were a good 500 people in Trafalgar Square all seemed unaware of what was going on or did know but were totally disinterested. There was a young woman who seemed to be meditating. I later looked her up and this is what she had to say about herself.

“i’m into movement and sound and the work of a javanese based improviser called prapto. i’ve done workshops with some of the people he’s trained here in the uk. by using sound and movement i’m creating a continuous flowing style of being in the moment. I do this in groups and solo out in nature and find i can’t help but feel connected. as i’m doing it i take imprints of the world and each time i look in another direction i try to take the image from before with me to create a 360 degree imprint of the world. if i decide i’m going to do it tomorrow then i’ll see how the feeling of being on the plinth suits me and how tricky it might be. if i use sound it will be using my voice to sound it will be to articulate what’s going on on a sound level.. i’m doing it because it’s something different and it might encourage others to try it. i’ve done other sorts of movement including gabrielle roths 5 rythms and also bothmer movment but none have really had the same impact as this type of work. if you’re in a good group and the workshop leader knows their stuff then it’s almost magical. don’t take my word for it – try it.”

It is like watching paint dry!

Just gone on to see live feed and there is a man playing an electric guitar without an amplifier as he cant get his generator to work. Everyone I have watched seems to spend most of their time on their mobile phone having inate conversations with people that are watching them on line. I think I prefer ‘Big Brother’.

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