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Viva Cuba

Posted in Working towards an MA on July 31, 2009 by karenloiswhiteread

cuba 09

Had the most amazing time in Cuba, so hot it took our breath away as we came out of the plane. 50’s Cadillacs chugging up and down the streets, people offering tours to Havana, thousands of people hitching lifts, white sand and turquoise sea. Houses only painted at the front, colours so vivid you couldnt capture them on a camera. People every where walking slowly with multi coloured umbrellas protecting them from the sun. 3000 photos to edit and memories to ponder. The best holiday ever………. Didn’t read a single page of the 4 books I took, too much to see and do.

Looking Forward to Cuba

Posted in Working towards an MA on July 8, 2009 by karenloiswhiteread

Had a blood test last week to see if I was going to get the mumps, it came back clear so all is back to normal and I am now set to go to Cuba next week.

Waiting game.

Posted in Working towards an MA on July 7, 2009 by karenloiswhiteread

Have spent the last week waiting for results of blood test to see if I am going to get the Mumps when I am in Cuba, after sharing an iced coffee with Rosa last week. She is on the mend now and we have started arguing which means all is back to normal. I have not really been able to concentrate enough to get through the heavy weight books I received from amazon 2 weeks ago but I have spent alot of time researching on the internet between making chicken soup and talking for hours through a window to my 16 year old Amber who has been banished from the house as she is not emune and is going to a festival in Spain on her own next week.

Blast Theory

Posted in Working towards an MA on July 3, 2009 by karenloiswhiteread

Had a look at  Blast Theory, their work is very interesting and  I will be looking at their projects for my dissertation, interested in their research collaborations and ways of working.


Day Of The Figurines is set in a fictional town that is littered, dark and underpinned with steady decay. The game unfolds over a total of 24 days, each day representing an hour in the life of the town that shifts from the mundane to the cataclysmic: the local vicar opens a summer fete, Scandinavian metallists play a gig at the Locarno that goes horribly wrong while an occupying army appears on the High Street. How players respond to these events and to each other creates and sustains a community during the course of a single day in the town. From the Gasometer to Product Barn, the Canal to the Rat Research Institute, up to 1,000 players roam the streets, defining themselves through their interactions.

Day Of The Figurines continues Blast Theory’s enquiry into the nature of public participation within artworks and within electronic spaces (here, through SMS). It uses emergent behaviour and social dynamics as a means of structuring a live event. It invites players to establish their own codes of behaviour and morality within a parallel world. It plays on the tension between the intimacy and anonymity of text messages, building on previous projects such as Uncle Roy All Around You, I Like Frank and the award-winning Can You See Me Now?


Posted in Working towards an MA on July 3, 2009 by karenloiswhiteread

Went to Manchester on Monday to pick up Rosa’s stuff as she had to move out of her house, the plan was that she would stay with friends till the end of July when her job finishes and then she would move back to London for a few months before going off to Japan to teach English for a year. Unfortunately she has a very bad case of the Mumps which meant i had to bring her back to London as no one up in Manchester wanted her! She has been really ill and has coursed chaos as I haven’t had mumps and neither has Amber who is going off to Spain next week on her own, so she has been staying with friends and I have been housebound feeling like a leppa. Still it has meant that I have been able to spend alot of time reading and researching for essay. I really hope I don’t  get the mumps when I go to Cuba next week.

Going to Billingsgate has been put on hold as I have been spending all my time running up and down stairs with cups of tea and chicken soup to a very grumpy lumpy mumpy daughter.