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Birthday Blues

Posted in Working towards an MA on January 12, 2009 by karenloiswhiteread

I am sat in my studio reading the text for tomorrow and am finding it very interesting especially after my experience on Sat. at the demo in London. I wish i had more time to spend reading more but a birthday lunch is beckoning me and Slavoj Zizek is going to have to wait. GETTING OLDER BY THE SECOND AND WANTING TO SLOW IT DOWN, maybe its just a plot to make me work harder, time is running out.


Spent the afternoon at ikea trying to decide weather or not to buy into ‘a consumerist paradise’ a new kitchen. Or weather to stick with my 20 year old, make do, botched kitchen that came with our flat when we bought it 15 years ago. After trying for 5 mins on the ikea plan your own kikchen computer software and failing miserably (should I really be doing an MA in Digital media) we thought sod it. We dont want to live the ‘American Dream, an asemblance of real life deprived of the weight and inertia of materiality’, we just want to live.

Gaza Demo

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Spent most of the day at the Gaza Demo in west London, started at speakers corner, heard Anny Lennox, Tarrik Ally,and many more, speak. It was bloody freezing, proving  that feelings of empathy and support for the Palestinians must be running really high as the turn out was amazing. From young muslim women with their children to elderly exsentric couples with banners and old shoes to throw at the Israely Embassy, youths with face masks and hippies with drums and scruffy dogs wearing bandanners. Young families wearing peace badges and enthousiastic students selling the usual papers. Uplifting to see people come together, depressing because I remember gong to a very similar march 30 years ago.