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Light Of Day Proposal

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I wrote this proposal a few weeks ago and have now been shortlisted and would like to use it as the starting point for this semesters project. I have been confused about what to do as I already have a website and other online projects and feel that web design is not an avenue I want to go down. I would rather concentrate on learning and exploring software that wil inform and direct a new approuch to my professinal practice. I was very inspired by the workshop last week with Angie Taylor and feel my time would be best spent learning and exploring ‘Adobe After Effects’ it seems the possabitities are endless. I therefor propose to create an online project that will be attached to my curent website. Details to follow.


Writing The Study Plan

Posted in Working towards an MA on October 27, 2008 by karenloiswhiteread

Help!!!! I haven’t done this for years, read through the handbook and still don’t know where to start.

Website? I already have one, though limited – it does the job. I am thinking I could try and develop a new body of work that could have its own space on the web-  HD photography could be the starting point for this.


Brighton in High Definition 

Searching for the Sea Dog (People in Brighton with connection to the Sea)

Brighton Bingo


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Net Art

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To be honest I had trouble with this task. It seems to me that net art exists but is very hard to access. Most sites that I have found were not what I would describe as net art. They use digital media but are usually documentation or portfolio sites or digital experimentation rather than Art. I could not find a site that I would describe as ‘Good’ net art but I did come across some sites that could ask the question. Is this net Art. Is this Net Art?

Looking for inspiration ‘Projecting on buildings’

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Found this one on You tube and it looks interesting, I might use as a starting point for my project.

Hoodies Stay Spotty

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Yes I managed to make a short animation using “Processing” and “Final Cut Pro” it took a lot of patients and time, I better get on with writing my Proposal now!!!

Just spotted the spelling mistakes! I hate being Dyslexic.


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I spent the day trying to understand and install a new programme on my computer. I am now using Mac Dictate to write everything on my blog and it seems to be working well.

After a very intense two days trying to learn of the ‘processing’ programme I’ve had to spend another day and a half editing a film for artist Beverley Carpenter. I finally got the edits out as QuickTime files and now have time to concentrate on my studies.

I want to reflect on the workshops we had, but found it very hard to take notes, and have been struggling to understand what exactly it was we covered.
I really enjoyed the workshops and found the teacher very inspiring he didn’t seem phased by the different levels he had to teach.

I don’t know how much I’ll use ‘Processing’ as a tool; I think the learning curve may be too great. I have challenged myself to do a small animation using  ‘Processing’ and will hopefully have it on the website by next week.

The next thing to do after that is to write my 500 word proposal, struggling with what to do, should I build a new website or create new work for the one I have already?

Whats my idea?

Whats approach?

Whats my inspiration?

Whats my outcome?

What will I be learning in the process?